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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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coming up. victoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, so far pretty, pretty nice way to start your morning, however, traveling at eighth and callowhill, we are dealing with a accident, in the southbound direction. taking out the center lane. now, we will talk about this later on, and also the construction project on 95, erika? >> torrey, thank u more on developing story right now. "eyewitness news" on the scene every deadly fire and building collapse in wilmington, delaware. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jen bernstein live in wilmington with all of the details, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, 400 block of maryland avenue. >> this fire happened right behind me on bird street. we go to ground video, that we saw just little while ago of the scene. we do know this is two alarm fire at its height. we did have a partial building collapse. it was called in just after 10:30, was under control, an hour later, a little while ago, we did speak with a man who lives in a building, very close. he said they heard an explosion that actually shook
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their whole apartment. came outside and saw smoke. >> frederick said he ran over, found the building leveled at that point. the fire was still raging, and co-hear cries for help from a man inside. he tried information his power to save this man, here's what he had to say. >> i was there in front of him. the fire was so. who i wasn't properly dressed. i had to come out to him, apologized to him. his girlfriend was standing back here, by the sidewalk, she was burned pretty badly, kept asking me to save her friend. there was another woman in the house. but she had already gotten out. >> reporter: that man unfortunately did not make it. fire officials did confirm there was a fatality in this fire, a man, his body still remains inside right now, as they begin this investigation. those two women were transported to area hospitals. one of them to crozer-chester medical center, the other to
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christianna hospital. we do not know their conditions at this point. we also know firefighter suffered minor injuries, while battling these flames. as of right now, the cause of this fire is not known. it is not clear exactly. again, we will have fire officials out here investigating what sparked these flames. that's the latest from wilmington, jen bernstein, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jen, thank you. a 13 year old south philadelphia boy is targeted twice in less than two days, police say it, may be over a bicycle. the teen was shot yesterday afternoon, inside this car while it waited in traffic on 20th and nor its streets. police say that's what undercover detective saw two suspect run into a house on nearby mountain street. an eyewitness describes what she saw. >> i did peak out the window, and i saw the swat team. i was like oh, geez us. >> after we got no response from knocking on the bullhorn, swat made entry into the property. turns out there was no one inside the property. >> police say they recovered two handguns in that search,
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that 13 year old boy remains hospitalized in stable condition. his bike was also stolen on sunday. it is 5:03, with a check on traffic and weather together. katie, how is it looking? >> definitely got some heat that was going to be building for us here as the day progresses, easily heat up to 90 degrees plus in philadelphia. this will be the first time we've done that all year. we start you off by taking you to storm scan3, couple of showers have developed, mainly through new jersey, still couple of sprinkles perhaps down through sussex county, delaware, for the moles part we are in fact going to clear out, high pressure still essentially keeping the bulk of control for us at this point. we've been also talking about a lot of news from yesterday. over nebraska, some very, very heavy and nasty thunderstorms rumbled through, led to a lot of tore in the i can activity, as well. but now the bulk that far activity is through iowa, portions every wisconsin, illinois, even out toward lower michigan. actually seeing severe weather threat unfold here across these areas today. eventually, this zone of
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yellow heads our way. so by tomorrow, specially through the second half of the day, shot to see some locally strong or gusty thunderstorms. now, in the meantime, we have got just very steamy air mass that will lead to some air quality concerns. it is an unhealthy air mass for sensitive groups. specifically the elderly, children, anybody with respiratory illness. so, just limit your activity outside, especially between the hours of 10:00 and 4:00 if you can today. good excuse to maybe hit the pool, hit the beach. seventy-three meanwhile your current temperature at the airport, nice, mild start, so we're coming from warm place, easily going to have a chance to heat up i think, and in the city of philadelphia, we're shooting for 91 degrees at the height of the day. generally with sunshine, but it will be that hazy sunshine, so very steamy air mass that's setting up. victoria? >> doesn't sound good. i'm feeling sticky already. >> i hate that feeling. >> good morning, everyone, i really hate to start off the report with a accident, but that's the cars that we were dealt. so let's head outside. eighth and callowhill, i know
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little difficult to see, so i step on over, and try to point this out to you as best as i can. these flashing lights here, the southbound side of eighth street. on callowhill. right around old city. now, it is a vehicle that had gone into a pole, emergency teams are on scene, but it is blocking the center lane. now the good thing this happened this early this morning. unfortunately, that it happened anyway. but let's head elsewhere. this is 309, not too far away from the pa turnpike, both sides of 309 moving well. that goes for your overall commute this morning. fifty-five is your average on 95, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 as well on 476. now, if you are traveling on 95, that construction project that we were dealing with on the northbound side was restricting to only one lane. but they have reopened another lane here. just be mindful, disable tractor-trailer northeast extension southbound right around the pa turnpike it, cents blocking the left lane. mass transit looks great. erika? >> victoria, thank you. right now death and devestation in small nebraska time, actually frightening
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video here. two tornados cutting through small town killing at least two people. the twisters also injured 19 others. marlie hall shows us the damage. >> massive tornados rip through northeast february last cam storm chasers captured twin twisters that touched down a mile apart. town in pillger took direct hit. homes ripped off their foundation off variables more than half the town is gone. >> we lost everything. i lost all of my vehicles. i don't have a vehicle. >> maryland anderson road out the storm in her basement. >> i did a lot of praying back there in that little corner. >> marilyn about one of 350 residents in the small town, roughly 100 miles northwest of omaha. pillgel local school and fire department were destroyed along with several other buildings. the governor declared a state of emergency. officials will fan out today to assess all of the damage from the tornados that struck
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yesterday. marlie hall, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". happening today, hatboro apartment that once belonged to nicholas hell machines man, 19 year old charged with sending rice end laced birthday car, is being decontaminated today. it was mark when he sent the cards to his ex bedroom friends' new boyfriends. it includes test to go make sure the items in the apartment are safe for removal, the apartment is safe for re occupancy. >> know plea to fund philadelphia schools. superintendent doctor william hite and school reform chairman commission chairman bill green will join add vocation advocates at noon today. district said it needs another $260 million just to maintain current services. now, to raise mine, the philadelphia school district is selling one of its most valuable properties. drexel university has bought this 14-acre site, which used to house university city high school, andrew elementary
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school, it is being sold for $25 million. drexel plans to build a k through eight public school surrounded by residential retail and research facilities. this project would cost almost a billion dollars. it would also create more than 4,000 jobs. it is 5:08 right now. there have been more bear sitings in the suburbs. two bears covering a lot of grounds in south jersey. the latest sitings have come from mt. laurel and evesham, and follow similar reports last week from winslow and waterford townships in camden county. officials say that a harsh winter has reduced the bear's food supply as natural habitat gets smaller. >> bear population increasing in the state, we'll she this activity more often. >> so far, bears have been cited in 21 new jersey counties, officials ask that if you see one, please, don't approach it, just call 911. >> oh, yes, not what you want to see in your backyard. >> from a far, they're fine. backyard, not so much. >> 5:08.
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us forces moving back in iraq on security mission and air strikes aree possible. that mission coming up. plus, gm issues yet another recall. it is the biggest one yet. how more than 3 million cars are affected. >> and if you want a good deal on any apple products, do not shop at the apple store. >> oh,. >> we'll show you where you can find those items for less. that's coming up.
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>> hundreds manies of us troops are headed to iraq. insurgents who control parts of northern iran are headed to baghdad. president obama is in discussion was his national security team, about possible military action, to stop the advance of militants, from the islamic state of iraq and syria. isis has already overrun
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cities and towns in northern iraq, and the group promises it will attack baghdad. secretary of state, john kerrey, says the president is exploring all options including air strikes. >> they may well be one of the options that are important. >> the president told congress about 275 military personnel could be used to protect the us embassy and personnel in baghdad. a senior us officials says the white house also considering sending special forces teams to advise iraqi soldiers. and, in a rare and controversial move, us and iranian officials met on the side lines of nuclear talks in vienna to explore ways to gain control of the situation. in a interview on monday, secretary kerrey was asked if that would include military cooperation between these long time advosaries. >> i wouldn't rule out anything that would be constructive to providing real stability. >> iraqi citizens are rallying to defend the country against the militants who have driven
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half a million iraquis from their homes. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". right now a 13:00, we want to get our traffic and weather together. brace yourself for hot one, katie. >> feeling like summer out there. we'll have little bit -- let's look here, we start things off with a look at your pollen report. through the course of the next couple of days, really not looking at too much in the way of really bad pollen issues here, but grasses, dock, plantain, our primary pollen concerns. so if you know specifically that dock and plantain, very specific ones, are your issue, may want to think about keeping meds at the ready. but really getting a lot worse than this as of late, so we don't have to worry too much about those major issues. couple of stray showers popping up through the last few hours, wider zoom shows got basically the all letter in the wake of. >> this so i think we will be good here, once these get out of here, should clear out, end up with more sun than anything, it will be a little hazy however with building
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humid i so scorch mid week coming our way, low 90s today, mid 90s being tomorrow, hottest day, two days straight you need three, 90 will you days to call it heatwave, at least according to definition. we won't quite get, there but a couple of hot days. by wednesday tracking some showers and storms as we will be on thursday, with the arrival and passage of this next cold front. but this cold front, although knocks the temperatures back little bit, kind of stubborn, friday i think stays dry, but with the front nearby, we'll keep clip elf clouds in the forecast, by the weekends starts to lift back north. may end one additional showers, throughout the course of the weekend, we will keep an eye on that, here is hoping, but may not ends up with the most picturesque weekendment meantime it is hot out there, victoria. >> it is hot out there. you know, i'm curious to see how the sun glare will affect this morning's rush hour, because yesterday, we experienced the same problem. but, you never know. let's head outside. see how you are doing right now, traveling on the schuylkill expressway there is shot not too far from the king
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of prussia stretch, around the area passing 202, if you are headed either eastbound or westbound, really things are looking great. not seeing any problems on the schuylkill this morning. that's the good news. however, the bad news is that elsewhere we are dealing with bit of situation, 309 northbound, right as you make your way around norristown. seems to be disable vehicle situation, on the shoulder. and whether they've gotten little bit of help here could also be a slight fender bender. but not causing too much of a problem. really nobody is on 309 right nowment we will wake on, that as we take a look at our wide speed censors look great. through the construction zones, 50 on the schuylkill, a five, 476, no major problems for mass transit, all-in-all a good morning, nicole? >> torrey, thank you. fire and police remain on the scene of faith al fire and building collapse in delawarement call came in hat late last night maryland avenue where two alarm fire tore through home. one man was killed, two women were transport today area
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hospitals. also reports every firefighter suffering minor injuries. our jen bernstein will have live reports throughout the morning as that investigation continues. >> coming up this morning, gm's largest recall yet. why more than 3 million cars now need to be fixed. >> warning about junk sleep. that's what they are calling there is the one thing 95% of americans are doing in bed, that can interfere with getting a good night's rest. all coming up in the health watch. watch. we'll explain okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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>> another gm recall. auto maker is recalling more than 3 million additional cars because of ignition switch troubles. the affected vehicles were made between 202,014. when bumped or jarred, the ignition switch can suddenly move from run to accessary or even off. if that stalls the car without warning t also disables safety systems including airbags. gm will now replace keys to
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fix that problem. for complete list of affected vehicles head to our website apple makes some of the most popular smart phones, tablets, laptops. when it comes to getting deal on one of these, all depend on where you shop. as "3 on your side" reporter jim donovan finds, some retailers lead the pack when it comes to offering discounts. >> the apple store can't be beat when it comes to selection. but when it comes to price? >> the apple store is actually the worse place to go when it comes to like finding deals. >> lewis ramirez of deal track cracked five years of discounts on the hottest apple provides, and found where you buy dictates the type of deals you'll see. for iphones? >> actually the best deals in terms up get the business he is discount. >> deal news, 28% of all iphone deals. wal-mart was close second with 23rd percent. >> all of the deals, requires specifically go to a wal-mart to get that, to get that
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iphone, to get that discount. now they do that in hopes that once you are there, you will see other things, you might see, you know, a dock for your iphone, screen protector, case, and go shopping and buy that, as. >> i are you looking for ipod? >> hands down, ebay has the best ipad deals, the biggest discounts, between 06 to up to $100 off the ipad models. >> don't worry, not like do you have bid. >> what happens is a lot of times retailers such as wal-mart, best buy, they have storefronts on ebay that they use to sell products to consumers. >> for something like the mack book air, no single retailer stood out of the pack. best buy had 17% of the deals, amazon 14%. i posted more information about this from deal news on and on my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan. >> all right, all about the deals. >> there you go. >> 52:00 right now. late night phillies action plus team usa gets revenenge
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steamy day out there, it will be very hot, temperatures sky rocket into the 90s for the first time in 2014. we've seen couple of showers popping here over the last few hours, generally see that they're already starting to make their retreat. bulk that far wet weather actually out over the open ocean water right now, but here is how it shaped up today. mostly sunny day, even though starting off with clouds. >> we will clear things out, easily help us rebound to 91 degrees, there could be just very isolated shower or storm tonight. otherwise mainly cloudy and
5:24 am
certainly mild, low of only 73, air conditioners at the ready, right? ninety-three by tomorrow. that will be the hottest day of the pack here, still flirting with 90 on thursday, right now looks like both wednesday, thursday, feature some showers, maybe heavy rain and definitely some thunderstorms victoria? >> good morning, everyone, i would said rush hour not heating up just yet. we head outside to see how you are doing. looking at the ben franklin bridge, experiencing little bit of haze out there. just touch of low visibility, but, more so, if you are headed eastbound on the ben franklin, we have construction, which is compromise ago lane, so just be mindful of that. however, all of the roads still look pretty good averaging speeds to the 50's. 422, no major delays either eastbound or westbound, around trooper road or anywhere, look at the maps, 55 on 95, even through the construction zone around cottman avenue, girard, 50 on the schuylkill, 55 on 476 travel talcony palmyra bridge, down to one lane, keep that in mind as you travel on
5:25 am
73. but let's look at sports with nicole. >> kyle kendrick gets the start tonight, hope they can pitch deep into the game after long phillies game last night. the phils were up one-nothing last night, john papelbon, allows a tying run. but in the 13th, ryan howard grounder gets freddie freeman to break the tie, and the phils rally for five runs. phils win game one of the seven game road trip six to one. >> phillies and baseball world mourning the loss of hauler famer tony gwen won over 20 year career had 3,141 base hits. his son, tony junior; an outfielder with the phillies this season, tony gwynn was 54. >> team. sa starred the world cup by getting revenge on the team that knocks them out of the competition last two times.
5:26 am
again, yesterday,ment s scored their fastest goal ever. just 322nd left to the game. puts it in. after 86 minutes, team usa scores off the corner kick, just minutes to go. john brooks is the first american substitute player to score in the world cup. and it was the game winner, too. >> i got goosebumps when they were singing the national anthem, just hearing them, how loud they were, chanting the whole game, just really pushing us on. >> they played awesome. >> looking to see against portugal. >> go usa. >> strained hamstring in yesterday's game. >> well, it is hard to believe but it was 20 years ago today
5:27 am
when 95 million american viewers were glued to their television. >> i remember this like it was yesterday. >> yes. >> they were watching one historically bizarre car chase, on june 17th, remember, that the white bronco, 1994, o.j. simpson was in the back seat as his friends, al cowlings, drove white bronco on 35-mile per hour so call chase down la's 405 freeway. authorities said simpson was threatening suicide after the murder of his wife four days earlier. now, when the chase ended at simpson's brentwood home, oj surrender to police. i remember watching that live in l.a. just wondering what the heck is going on. >> goodness, i think everyone even around the country was saying what the heck is going on here. we still don't really know what was going on there. it is 5:27 right now. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", live with an update on our developing story, a deadly fire, and also a collapse. jen?
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>> update on a fire, one man did due, two women badly burn. more coming up. >> update on tracy morgan's condition. local lawmakers make a push for new legislation,, to crackdown on tire trucklers victoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's, back in two minutes.
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developing in delaware, one person dead, three others injured, colliding firefighter this after house catch fire >> his story captivated the worlds. taliban's capture of bowe bergdahl is headed to the big screen. >> before we get to those


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